Father and Son Doctors Die of COVID-19 in Florida

Father and Son Doctors Die of COVID-19 in Florida

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Jorge A. Vallejo, MD, 89, became once admitted to Palmetto General Medical institution on Father’s Day and died 6 days later, on June 27, the Miami Herald reported.

His middle son, Carlos Francisco Vallejo, MD, 57, became once admitted to Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston on Father’s Day. He died 42 days later, on August 1.

“We factual misplaced on the total every of our anchors of our total total household,” Jessica Vallejo, a local TV news reporter, talked about of her grandfather and uncle. “In my eyes, [my grandfather] became once the American Dream.”

Father and son earn been every born in Cuba. Jorge Vallejo became once already a health care provider when he, his wife, and their two sons fled to Florida in a raft in 1965, the household told the Herald. A third son became once born within the United States.

The household settled in Hialeah, FL. Jorge realized English and grew to turn into certified as an OB/GYN within the U.S. He delivered a huge series of babies, including eight of his 9 grandchildren, the Herald reported. He labored except his wife’s demise in 2005.

Carlos Vallejo, who practiced inner medication, had immersed himself within the pandemic in South Florida, one of the most most most well-known hotspots within the pandemic.

“He became once on the front lines struggling with COVID,” his son, Charlie Vallejo, told Fox Data. “He became once treating reasonably loads of COVID patients within the health center and within the rehab facilities, and we imagine that is the put he bought the virus from firstly.

“He became once very cautious, he would wear his masks, he would wear his face protect, stout [PPE], gown, everything, but there’s constantly that slight likelihood that it is probably going you’ll well be additionally soundless contract the virus. Unfortunately, he did.”

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