A real eiderdown quilt can tag $8,000, here’s what makes it so costly

A real eiderdown quilt can tag $8,000, here’s what makes it so costly
  • Eiderdown is one in all the warmest pure fibres on this planet, but harvesting this product is no longer easy.
  • Farmers have to search out and harvest each nest by hand.
  • Up to 80% of the burden of the harvest is made up of sticks, seaweed, or bigger feathers.
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Narrator: Precise eiderdown is one in all the warmest pure fibers you can well additionally uncover, but it doesn’t advance cheap. And an eiderdown double quilt might maybe well well per chance additionally tag you over $8,000. Harvested from the nest of eider geese figured out wild in Iceland, gathering a kilo of this fluffy area fabric is no longer easy, and handiest 4 metric tons are produced worldwide each twelve months. So what makes eiderdown so costly?

Eiderdown is the comfy below feathers of the frequent eider, primitive to guard it from arctic prerequisites and freezing icy seas. Within the center of the breeding season, this down naturally sheds, and the feminine geese exhaust it to function their nest. Here is the assign the eiderdown collectors advance in.

Eiderdown farmers at some stage in Iceland will harvest this down both by taking miniature portions from each nest or looking ahead to the birds to depart completely earlier than gathering.

Erla Friðriksdóttir: The eiderdown is a pure product, and when the eider duck leaves the nest, they stride away the down, and so if we would no longer own the down, it would right blow away and be pointless.

Narrator: While this product is pure and ethically harvested, or no longer it is no longer in particular excellent to offer. Farmers have to search out and fetch every nest by hand, and each one contains right 15 grams of down.

Friðriksdóttir: We have 240 islands in Breiðafjörður, and the islands that the eider duck nests are in are 150, and we now delight in got to switch between the total islands by miniature boats. The nests are no longer very shut to 1 one more, so we now delight in got to whisk spherical the total islands to search out the nests. And it will probably well per chance additionally simply even be sophisticated to search out the nest.

It be usually hidden between rocks or excessive grass or excessive crops, and we now delight in got to scrutinize very rigorously to search out the total nests, and I’m certain we make no longer uncover all of them.

Narrator: But as soon as the down is harvested, the work has handiest right begun. Up to 80% of the burden of the harvest is made up of sticks, seaweed, or bigger feathers, and all of this desires to be removed. The eiderdown is first moved to an oven and baked at 120 levels Celsius for as a minimum eight hours, drawing out any of the undesirable particles and making it more straightforward to kind.

Then it goes via more than one particularly made machines, each one sorting increasingly more items from the down. An even bigger spinning machine separates the outer feathers, however the glorious procedure to make certain each one in all those feathers is removed is by hand.

Friðriksdóttir: After cleaning eiderdown in the machines, we now delight in got to excellent the eiderdown by hand, and it takes about four or 5 hours for skilled person to capture 1 kilo.

Narrator: As soon as every feather has been laboriously removed by hand, the down is sharp to be washed, pressed, and dried one closing time. For the few that can give you the money for it, the closing eiderdown is value the work. When in contrast with other goose or duck down, eiderdown is denser, stronger, and more insulating. Puny barbs in the particular person eiderdown plumes entice the air and accomplish it more wind resistant, too.

The massive majority of the eiderdown that King Eider produces is supplied as is for corporations to make exhaust of of their merchandise, but it also sells its fetch pillows and duvets. Eider geese are strictly protected in Iceland. It be illegal to hunt them or to sell their eggs, and the closing down is carefully monitored too.

Friðriksdóttir: 1970, there had been rules in Iceland that we must the least bit times certify all eiderdown that is supplied, and likewise after we are making some merchandise, luxuriate in duvets or pillows or some garments, we must the least bit times e book a time with the inspector, and he have to take a look at the usual and the burden earlier than we occupy the product.

Narrator: This rigorous system procedure that each eiderdown product in Iceland has been checked by an inspector. Other worldwide locations delight in their very fetch certification systems, but Iceland produces about 80% of the realm’s eiderdown.

Unlike industrially farmed down, which is usually a byproduct of the meat enterprise and one that can most frequently involve battery farming and are living plucking of geese, the total eider geese are kept wild. And whereas the process itself is labor intensive, a broad allotment of the job of farmers is preserving the geese stable.

Friðriksdóttir: Step one is preserving the dwelling for the eider geese and looking to arrangement the eider geese to the areas. There are predators luxuriate in fox and minks and likewise gulls and ravens, and the farmers attempt and withhold the predators away. A couple of of the farmers accomplish some fences, and some farmers exhaust some shiny colours and even noises to withhold the predators away, so or no longer it is lot of work to appear on the dwelling.

Narrator: Procure all of this right, even though, and the discontinuance consequence’s one in all the warmest pure fibers on this planet.

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