A NASA spacecraft circling Jupiter has captured the planet’s vibrant electrical outbursts — sprites and elves — for the first time

A NASA spacecraft circling Jupiter has captured the planet’s vibrant electrical outbursts — sprites and elves — for the first time
  • NASA’s Juno spacecraft has found that Jupiter’s atmosphere produces lightning-fancy electrical outbursts called transient shiny occasions.
  • On Earth, these vibrant lights happen within the course of thunderstorms, when lightning strikes perform red tendrils called sprites or vivid disks called elves excessive above the clouds.
  • Scientists predicted that Jupiter would possess sprites and elves too, since it has lightning, but no one had captured these alien flashes of sunshine till now.
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NASA’s Juno spacecraft wonderful captured photos of vibrant bursts of lightning-fancy electrical energy excessive in Jupiter’s  atmosphere.

These phenomena, which encompass jellyfish-shaped “sprites” and vivid disks called “elves,” moreover happen excessive up in Earth’s atmosphere within the course of thunderstorms. They were first documented in 1989. Scientists predicted that other planets which possess lightning, fancy Jupiter, would moreover perform these transient shiny occasions.

But no one had ever viewed alien sprites or elves till now.

Juno has been orbiting Jupiter since 2016 and collecting photos of its aurorae in ultraviolet gentle. A bunch of researchers processing these snapshots no longer too lengthy ago observed something intriguing.

jupiter sprite lightning atmosphere

The south pole of Jupiter and a doable transient shiny tournament — a colorful, unpredictable, extremely transient flash of sunshine (circled in yellow) — captured by Juno on April 10, 2020.


“In the strategy of striking together these photos, we observed that very every so continuously we observed these surprising, short-lived, colorful flashes,” Rohini Giles, a researcher on the Juno group, acknowledged in a press conference on Tuesday, within the course of the annual assembly of the American Immense Affiliation’s Division for Planetary Sciences.

“We then went and searched by blueprint of all of the records that we’ve taken over four years of the mission and we found an complete of 11 flashes all with very identical properties,” she added.

Every of these outbursts lasted wonderful a couple of milliseconds.

Giles’ group published a novel leer on these flashes within the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets on Tuesday.

On Earth, sprites appear as lengthy, red tendrils, usually trailing down from a diffuse halo. They happen when a lightning strike produces a excessive-altitude “quasi-electrostatic subject,” Giles acknowledged.

red sprite lightning earth iss thunderstorm skitch

Purple sprites appear above the US, photographed from the World Home Residing in 2015.


In other situations, lightning strikes send electromagnetic pulses upward. The pulses perform vivid disks: elves. 

“On Earth, sprites and elves appear reddish in coloration because of their interaction with nitrogen within the easier atmosphere,” Giles acknowledged. “But on Jupiter, the easier atmosphere largely includes hydrogen, so that they’d seemingly appear either blue or red.”

Juno can not verify that these occasions were precipitated by lightning strikes, for the reason that probe’s lightning-detecting instrument is on the replacement facet of the spacecraft from its UV imaging instrument. Photos from the two devices are taken at least 10 seconds aside — a prolong that’s too lengthy to capture the identical transient flash of sunshine.

jupiter great red spot hubble

A Hubble Home Telescope leer of Jupiter, taken June 27, 2019, reveals the corpulent planet’s trademark Huge Purple Voice.

NASA, ESA, A. Simon (Goddard Home Flight Center) and M.H. Wong (University of California, Berkeley)

But all the pieces else capabilities to those 11 outbursts being transient shiny occasions: They were extremely short-lived, emitted many of hydrogen, and occured about 186 miles (300 kilometers) above Jupiter’s water clouds — too excessive to be lightning.

“We’re persevering with to leer extra telltale indicators of elves and sprites on every occasion Juno does a science cross,” Giles acknowledged. “Now that everyone is conscious of what we are hunting for, it’ll be more uncomplicated to search out them at Jupiter and on other planets. And evaluating sprites and elves from Jupiter with these right here on Earth will abet us better heed electrical process in planetary atmospheres.”

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