Whale photographed ‘playing’ with giant, toxic jellyfish

Whale photographed ‘playing’ with giant, toxic jellyfish

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A Massachusetts whale-watching structure on Wednesday loved a terminate reach upon with a humpback whale because it seemingly loved its beget reach upon with a large, toxic sea jelly.

The 7 Seas Whale Test out crew in the origin thought the female whale, identified in the community as Abyss due to darkish coloration of her fluke, became as soon as “kelping,” a behavior that entails rolling in kelp as kind of a spa remedy.

“ upon closer inspection we realized that it wasn’t seaweed at all!” the firm acknowledged on Facebook. “Abyss became as soon as if truth be told playing with a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish! This is one thing that none of us had ever viewed sooner than.”

Lion’s mane sea jellies dwell in frigid water and could per chance per chance boast a bell measuring virtually 8 toes in diameter, and tentacles that span 100-plus toes.

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Essentially the major recorded specimen became as soon as measured off Massachusetts by Alexander Agassiz in 1865. It’s bell diameter became as soon as 7 toes and its tentacles measured 120 toes.

The tentacles, old-normal to stun and deem plankton, runt fish and smaller jellies, are toxic to people. Nonetheless most sting victims experience supreme non eternal anxiety and redness.

Abyss, the daughter of a whale nicknamed Scylla, didn’t appear fazed by contact with the sea jelly’s tentacles.

Jay Frontierro, a captain and marine biologist with 7 Seas Whale Test out, informed For The Snatch Outside that the whale perceived to be involving and “having fun” with the sea jelly.

“Whales tend to be eager on issues floating at the water’s floor,” he said. “Most regularly seaweed, but I occupy viewed them investigate balloons, buoys, and even an empty 5-gallon bucket.”
Frontierro added: “My guess is that Abyss thought that the texture became as soon as entertaining. Humpback whales occupy sensory hairs on their heads that act as ‘mechanoreceptors’ – like a cat’s whiskers. The slimy texture of a moderately jellyfish is one thing the whales potentially don’t usually experience. “

After she had completed playing with the invertebrate, Abyss swam over for a smarter occupy a study the whale watchers.

“It became as soon as charming watching this whale curiously non-public the jellyfish on its head and flippers, but the curiosity didn’t terminate there,” the firm acknowledged. “Eventually Abyss turned the tables on us and did some other folks watching by swimming circles round and underneath the boat.”

Video of that reach upon is posted above.

–Pictures of the humpback whale playing with the lion’s mane sea jelly are courtesy of Mandy Houston/7 Seas Whale Test out

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