We Tried It: Cheese Foam Tea

We Tried It: Cheese Foam Tea

Ever since cheese foam tea, a latte-treasure beverage topped with a mixture of cream cheese and total milk, grew to became your total rage in LA (by procedure of China,) I have been craving a taste. I sooner or later bought to sample some at Meno, a up-to-the-minute tea home that opened in Unique York’s West Village this summer, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I went to Meno for the Cheese Foam Fruit Tea, but I modified into once straight away intrigued by various items on the menu, treasure the mysterious-sounding Dark Tea Specialties and the even more strange-sounding Coffee Meets Juice blends. Happily, I bought to sample all of them while playing the afternoon in Meno’s socially distanced outside seating home on a quaint West Village highway.

I started with one thing from the Dark Tea Specialties menu. Dark tea sounds treasure tea that’s correct been over-steeped, nonetheless it’s powerful bigger than that. Whereas most teas are oxidized earlier than roasting till dry, darkish teas are simplest lightly roasted to withhold a number of of their moisture. They then fling on to a microbial fermentation length that can maybe closing up to eight years. This assignment in fact modifications the molecular ingredients of the tea, increasing a beverage that’s less bitter and astringent. I selected the easy but orderly Dark Beauty, a combination of the darkish tea and milk topped with whipped cream and pecans. I would possibly well also straight away taste the boldness of the tea, sweetened by the whipped cream and softened by the milk. The depth of flavor modified into once comforting; the stronger tea flavor didn’t wasn’t jarring, as an over-brewed cup of long-established tea would be. As I drank, pecan topping fell to the bottom of the cup, leaving me with a exquisite nutty surprise at the tip

I in fact want to confess, I wasn’t attempting ahead to to treasure my next brews, the spirited (if no longer rather unique) Coffee Meets Juice blends, all the procedure by which espresso and both lemon, orange, or pineapple juice mix in one glass. Meno’s China-primarily primarily based totally parent firm invented these blends as a formulation of setting up espresso more appetizing for a culture that’s no longer as java-obsessed because the U.S. Hiding the robust, bitter taste gradual the flavour of juice lets within the imbiber to acquire child steps in opposition to playing espresso.

From left to right: Highlighted, Dark Beauty and PPAP

From left to factual: Highlighted, Dark Beauty and PPAP

Since it’s serene summer and I’m feeling your total tropical vibes, I opted for the PPAP, the pineapple espresso-juice mix. It arrived layered treasure a tequila break of day, with an ombre gaze from the intense yellow pineapple juice on the bottom and brown espresso on top. I didn’t disturb the magnificent layering with potentially the most fundamental sip; I correct plunged the straw straight in in and gave it a strive. Irregular. Coffee and pineapple. Yup, it’s doubtless you’ll maybe distinctly taste them. Hmm. Then I gave the straw a plod to mix the espresso and juice, and the taste modified into once even stranger—attributable to it in fact labored. It in fact reminded me of dirty chai (chai tea with a shot of espresso), and I chuckled to myself as I dubbed this the Soiled Pineapple. I mean, this drink modified into once rather dirty—treasure my pineapple juice had a secret, a refreshing and appetizing secret with rather little bit of kick.

Eventually, it modified into once time to sample the Cheese Foam Tea, the drink I would possibly well also expressly near for. While you occur to’re picturing a mug with a hunk of cheddar on top or a cuppa that appears treasure a crock of french onion soup, you’ll be dissatisfied. The cheese is no longer any longer considered. It be within the drink’s foam—a mixture of milk and cream cheese. (Many stores now spend a powdered version of cream cheese, but Meno serene makes spend of the exact part for a more luxurious ride.) The cheese creates a fluffy cap that can glean you rethink every part you knew about foam. Unlike the ethereal stuff that sits atop your cappuccino and dissipates snappy, this topping has a aesthetic density that lengthen neatly to the liquid under. A combination of green tea and fruit slush accessible in your desire of mango, strawberry, or grape sits under the foam, but it’s doubtless you’ll maybe also decide to beget that cheesy pillow served over one in all the darkish tea specialties, that will most probably be served sizzling or cool.


 When I ordered the Highlighted (the mango slushy version of this cool drink), I modified into once confronted with two selections: mix to mix the foam into the cool tea or fade it as is, ingesting by the layers to ride them individually. I selected no longer to plod or even spend a straw. I came for cheese foam, and I didn’t desire to dilute it, so I sipped straight from the cup for max exposure. I modified into once straight away totally elated and intrigued by the big mass of dairy delight in opposition to my lips. I realized I would possibly well even be left with a milk mustache such as less Clark Gable and more Magnum PI. The cheese foam’s flavor conjured of the arena’s lightest and fluffiest cheesecake: The cream cheese modified into once detectable but no longer overwhelming. As the cool mango slush and greet tea mixture hit my tongue, the fruit acid refreshingly wiped away the creamy coating of the foam, harmonizing and refreshing my mouth. Within the event you imagine about it, fruit and cream beget continuously long previous hand and hand (peaches and cream, anybody?!) and that’s precisely what’s going on with this tea. This drink would glean an invigorating breakfast, stunning summer dessert, or a vivid, delighted snack.

I most trendy all three drinks so powerful I took them with me to fling after the tasting. As I sipped the PPAP (pineapple-espresso juice) on my lag home, I made a decision it modified into once an unprecedented on-the-fling beverage, but I most trendy savoring the darkish and cheese teas seated. I’m already looking ahead to a return to Meno this autumn to set up out the Dark Beast, the darkish tea/cheese foam combo. Suffice to mutter, I’m a cheese tea convert, and I’m in a position to no longer wait to fortunately glean pleasure from cheese teas year-round.

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