Trump Kicked Off the RNC Falsely Claiming Democrats Are ‘Stealing Votes’

Trump Kicked Off the RNC Falsely Claiming Democrats Are ‘Stealing Votes’

President Trump didn’t even wait until primetime to initiating mendacity about the election.

Trump made his first of many speeches scheduled for Republican National Convention Monday afternoon by falsely accusing Democrats of “looking out for to opt the election,” issuing a truth-free diatribe against mail vote casting while threatening to reject the implications if they don’t come out in his favor.

“What they’re doing is the employ of COVID to opt an election. They’re the employ of COVID to defraud the American of us, all of our of us, of a unbiased appropriate and free election,” Trump claimed.

He returned to that inaccurate claim repeatedly as soon as more in a almost hourlong speech, claiming the suitable manner he can lose is if the election is stolen from him while tirading against Democrats and the media for raising considerations that he’s at threat of be deliberately gutting the U.S. Put up Place of work to undercut mail vote casting and enhance his own reelection efforts.

“Here is stealing hundreds and hundreds of votes,” Trump claimed about mail vote casting, before touting his campaign’s many courtroom cases attempting for to compose it more difficult to vote. “We’re in courts all over the put the nation, and expectantly now we own got judges which would be going to offer it a unbiased appropriate name, on chronicle of if they offer it a unbiased appropriate name, we’re gonna ranking this election. Basically the most attention-grabbing manner they’ll employ this election away from us is if right here’s a rigged election.”

The comments stamp Trump’s most up-to-date diatribe against mail vote casting, a note that’s been widely historical for years and has develop into more trendy this yr as of us witness to vote safely one day of the coronavirus pandemic. 

There were almost no examples of classy election fraud the employ of mail vote casting — nonetheless Trump made a discover reward the man whose election became as soon as tossed out attributable to it.

Trump known as Heed Harris as “a stunning man, a pastor,” even supposing Harris’s 2018 Dwelling ranking became as soon as tossed out after extreme allegations of classy election fraud came to gentle against Harris’s campaign. And Trump argued that Democrats are looking out for to ranking out what a Harris adviser faces charges for: Bag scores of mail ballots from voters and fraudulently filling them out for their most trendy candidate.

And he concluded his speech with a paranoid warning.

“Be very, very careful,” he stated. “Here is in point of fact the most attention-grabbing election in the history of our nation. Don’t allow them to employ it away from you.”

The assaults on democratic institutions weren’t Trump’s most attention-grabbing blatant falsehoods in a almost hour-long speech in Charlotte, N.C. to a cheering crowd of hundreds of GOP convention delegates. 

Trump claimed that ”There’s never been a person that needed a ventilator that didn’t ranking a ventilator” one day of the coronavirus disaster. He falsely accused the Obama administration of spying on his 2016 campaign. He stated that “We very strongly protected your preexisting stipulations,” even supposing the Trump administration is currently in courtroom attempting for to overturn Obamacare, which would ranking rid of the rules’s mandate that insurers duvet of us with preexisting stipulations. He made up a fallacious quote he claimed Hillary Clinton had stated. And he claimed that the bevy of high-quality polls that time to him trailing old fashioned Vice President Joe Biden by a giant margin were fallacious.

When he wasn’t mendacity about the election, Trump leaned laborious into claims that the economy became as soon as roaring lend a hand amidst the coronavirus. “It’s now taking a witness look after a gargantuan-V,” he stated.

“Mediate your existence appropriate sooner than the plague coming in, it became as soon as basically the most attention-grabbing it be ever been,” he stated.

As meandering and conflicting as Trump’s speech became as soon as, it became as soon as clearer than ever that the GOP is a celebration that now exists fully to offer a opt to its leader.

The GOP didn’t even bother debating and refining a celebration platform this yr, as an different passing a resolution that stated “the Republican Occasion has and can continue to enthusiastically give a opt to the President’s The US-first agenda” while preemptively accusing “the media” of planning to misrepresent what that cop-out supposed.

And quickly before Trump spoke, Vice President Mike Pence made determined that the message for the convention became as soon as to witness past COVID and put collectively for one other four years of financial enhance.

“We’re going to compose American great as soon as more — as soon as more,” he stated.

Duvet: U.S. President Donald Trump speaks on the first day of the Republican National Convention at the Charlotte Convention Center on August 24, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Chris Carlson-Pool/Getty Footage)

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