Travelers left within the assist of $900,000 (and change) at TSA security checkpoints in 2019


Curtis Tate

Revealed 2: 31 PM EDT Aug 21, 2020

Air travelers left within the assist of larger than $926,000 in money and money at security checkpoints in fiscal year 2019, in accordance with the Transportation Safety Administration.

And it appears that TSA retains the change.

In an annual file to Congress that the agency is required by law to post to Congress, TSA reported that it had a total of $3.6 million in unclaimed money from 2019 and prior years as of Sept. 30 final year.

From that pot, TSA spent about $1 million on coaching and pattern, and one other $32,000 to print bookmarks promoting the agency’s PreCheck program, which permits an expedited security screening assignment for air passengers.

TSA makes clear within the file that though the agency makes an effort to come lost money to passengers, it’ll expend what’s left.

“TSA tries to make certain all traveler property, alongside with free change, finds its plan assist to the correct proprietor,” the agency wrote. “Nevertheless, when free change doesn’t, it’ll be directed to extreme aviation security programs.”

TSA encourages other folks that include left objects within the assist of at security checkpoints to contact regarded as one of its lost and stumbled on places of work.

New York’s JFK Global Airport accounted for the most unclaimed money in 2019, $98,110. TSA’s 2019 enormous total incorporated almost about $19,000 in foreign currencies.

Travelers left within the assist of $960,000 in fiscal 2018. This year’s total is liable to be lower than each and each prior years on account of the descend in traffic from the coronavirus pandemic.

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