This Miniature Vacuum Cleaner Makes WFH Way More Manageable 

This Miniature Vacuum Cleaner Makes WFH Way More Manageable 

Confession: Ever since birth, I have had the misfortune of being both a sloppy and very clumsy eater. Don’t believe me? I have countless shirts stained with spaghetti sauce, wine stains on my comforter, and tons of potato chip crumbs wedged into my keyboard to prove it. Sigh. 

And sure, portable instant stain-removing wipes (which are a staple in my purse) have come to my aid more times than I have fingers on my hand. However, removing dust and crumbs quickly still proves to be a huge obstacle in my life, until the Tihoo Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner came along. 

One of the device’s best features, in my opinion, is its no-hassle approach to cleaning. Using this miniature vacuum cleaner was neither challenging nor time-consuming. Instead of cords, it is powered by two AA batteries, allowing you to skip out on long charging times, and start cleaning any surface immediately. Alas, Tinhoo recommends using the gadget for ten minutes at a time, making this something to consider if you want a product that covers more areas. 

Suction is another considerable advantage this miniature vacuum clear has on its side. While it fits in the palm of your hands, it’s powerful enough to remove stale food crumbs and dust without any hiccups. 

The impressive suction of this product also extended to cleaning other small surfaces in my house too, as it successfully removed sage ash (I’m working on my self-care cred if you must know) from my bedroom table and traces of eyeshadow and setting powder that were hiding on my couch. 

The only hangup? Emptying it is a little frustrating. However, once you get the hang of it (I recommend using your thumb nail to open the dust bin), any painful pinches should become a thing of the past. 

While this miniature vacuum cleaner makes WFH a whole lot easier, the dustbin does get full rather quickly. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure you empty it before you proceed to use it again, as this prevents overloading the system. Emptying the miniature vacuum cleaner’s dustbin proved to be challenging at times, however, once you get the hang of it (I recommend using your thumb nail to open the dust bin), you’re golden.

Tihoo Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

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