On This Day, Aug. 20: The Menendez brothers execute their oldsters

On This Day, Aug. 20: The Menendez brothers execute their oldsters

Aug. 20 (UPI) — On this date in historical previous:

In 1741, Danish navigator Vitus Jonas Bering stumbled on what’s now known as Alaska.

In 1858, theories by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace referring to evolution were revealed in a British scholarly journal.

In 1968, about 200,000 Warsaw Pact troops and 5,000 tanks invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the “Prague Spring” — a short duration of efforts to democratize socialism within the country.

In 1977, the second U.S. Voyager spacecraft — one in all two launched in 1977 — left Cape Canaveral, Fla., slip for Jupiter and Saturn. The two Voyager space probes are peaceful transmitting records.

In 1986, postal employee Patrick Henry Sherrill killed 14 fellow workers and wounded six others within the Edmond, Okla., publish arena of job earlier than killing himself.

In 1989, 18-yr-feeble Eric Menendez and 21-yr-feeble Lyle Menendez — the Menendez brothers — killed their oldsters with a gun. The brothers were arrested in March and in 1996, both were convicted and sentenced to existence in penal advanced.

In 1996, U.S. President Invoice Clinton signed into law an lengthen within the minimal wage in two steps from $4.25 to $5.15 an hour.

In 1998, U.S. missiles struck sites in Afghanistan and Sudan acknowledged to be linked with terrorists. The attacks were consistent with the bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania 13 days earlier.

In 2003, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore used to be suspended after refusing to comply with a federal court say to resolve on a rock inscribed with the Ten Commandments from the lobby of the negate Supreme Court building.

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In 2008, a Spanair jetliner crashed on takeoff in Madrid, killing 154 other folks and injuring many others. Observers acknowledged the left jet engine used to be on fireplace because the aircraft took off.

In 2009, the Libyan convicted of the 1968 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, which exploded over Scotland killing 270 other folks, used to be free of penal advanced on compassionate grounds. Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, who had been sentenced to existence in penal advanced in 2001, had prostate most cancers. He died in Would possibly perchance possibly simply 2012.

In 2011, two U.S. hikers who acknowledged that they had wandered into Iran by mistake were sentenced to eight years in an Iranian penal advanced for espionage. They were freed one month later and returned to the US.

In 2012, susceptible U.S. Secretary of Converse Condoleezza Rice and businesswoman Darla Moore became the first female contributors of Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Membership, space of the Masters, one in all golf’s most prestigious events. The membership had long been below assault by females’s rights groups, and others, for its all-male membership.

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In 2014, mudslides triggered by heavy rains killed about 70 other folks in residential areas on the outskirts of Hiroshima, Japan.

In 2019, Italian Top Minister Giuseppe Conte equipped his resignation, criticizing his deputy for working for his include wait on. The newly formed government chose to withhold him on as premier.

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