Neil Magny ‘thrown off-guard’ by gradual replacement Robbie Lawler, admits there is cons to matchup

Neil Magny ‘thrown off-guard’ by gradual replacement Robbie Lawler, admits there is cons to matchup

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Neil Magny is cushty to be struggling with one other broken-down world champion, nonetheless he knows the matchup is no longer necessarily very most attention-grabbing.

The prolonged-time UFC welterweight contender was presupposed to purchase on Geoff Neal on the essential card of Saturday’s UFC tournament in Las Vegas. Nonetheless, due to some nicely being considerations, Neal was compelled to withdraw from the contest. The UFC was ready secure Magny (23-7 MMA, 16-6 UFC) a replacement opponent, which turned out to be Robbie Lawler – a broken-down UFC champion and one in every of the greatest names within the division.

“It caught me a minute bit off-guard,” Magny informed MMA Junkie at at the unique time’s UFC on ESPN+ 33 digital media day. “First, after I bought the electronic mail about Geoff Neal falling out, I was roughly bummed and it was cherish, ‘Howdy, man. Geoff Neal fell out of the fight; we’re keeping you on standby. The subsequent day was cherish, ‘Howdy, Robbie Lawler wants to fight,’ and I was cherish, ‘Holy crap. Here is even better.’

“So it was pure excitement and pleasure cherish, ‘Heck, yeah. I gain a new opponent, and it’s a man who’s a story, a man who I will in fact exit there and assassinate a title for myself towards.’ I was spacious enraged to gain that matchup.”

Even even though struggling with Lawler is mountainous opportunity for any welterweight within the UFC, Magny does admit there are cons with the matchup, things he wouldn’t must deal if he had been struggling with Neal.

“The fight towards Robbie Lawler, there’s a amount of do of dwelling at the wait on of his title,” Neal said. “Clearly a broken-down world champion and being within the game for so prolonged as he’s been, nonetheless at the same time, Geoff Neal is the younger guy you is presumably attempting to test your self towards. He’s new to the UFC, he’s on an wonderful fetch plod fine now, and he’s bought a amount of steam at the wait on of him.

“It’s a fight that no longer necessarily excites you more, alternatively it brings its bear stage of excitement. If I will exit there and beat Robbie Lawler, the naysayers will affirm he’s previous his high, he’s this and that, and there’s going to be room for folk to criticize and downplay the fetch. But if I had been to beat a man cherish Geoff Neal, this can also even be cherish, ‘Holy crap, this guy is undefeated within the UFC, he was making a plod to the tip of the division, and you stopped him in his tracks,’ so thats wonderful. So every fight comes with its bear list of things to purchase a long way off from, nonetheless I’m cushty with the Robbie Lawler matchup.”

Lawler is 38 years extinct and is currently on a 3-fight shedding plod.

Meanwhile, Magny is coming off two solid wins over Li Jingliang and Anthony Rocco Martin. A third consecutive fetch – and over a broken-down champion cherish Lawler – would set Magny in a upright do of dwelling within the division.

“It positively throws me within the tip 10, a fetch over Robbie Lawler,” Magny said. “But at this level, it’s actually up to me and the procedure I produce towards Robbie Lawler, and we’ll spy what occurs in a while this year. So for me, it’s fine about going within the market and taking hold watch over of my career.

“If I exit there and set on a immense performance towards him, then I’m struggling with guys within the tip 10 and sharp nearer to that title shot. I’m no longer going to be as naive and affirm I beat Robbie Lawler on Saturday and I’m getting a title shot on Monday. I do know there’s some work to be carried out as a long way as working my means through ranks and that roughly thing, nonetheless a fetch over Robbie Lawler positively propels me within the fine course.”

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