Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney: My Client Legally Possessed Rifle in Wisconsin

Kyle Rittenhouse Attorney: My Client Legally Possessed Rifle in Wisconsin

Kyle Rittenhouse legally possessed a firearm final Tuesday in Wisconsin, said John Pierce, an lawyer representing Kyle Rittenhouse, offering his remarks in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak.

Rittenhouse used to be arrested final Wednesday and charged with homicide within the taking pictures deaths of two other folks at some level of the previous night’s riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Pollak asked how Rittenhouse bought a firearm.

“Wisconsin is an originate lift inform,” replied Pierce. “You’ve considered the video of what used to be going on in that city. It used to be a battle zone, and Kyle had each and each factual — staunch as powerful a factual — to be there because the other folks who had been looking to burn down that city, and he used to be making an are trying to provide protection to property and making an are trying to be there to provide medical advantage.”

Pierce added, “Every particular person that has any sense at all goes to comprehend a weapon to that space. It used to be a factual weapon. I will’t tell factual now further on the specifics of where the weapon used to be bought. It used to be bought as a factual weapon. It did now not negative inform strains. That fee is wrong as a topic of law in Wisconsin. Undoubtedly, that weapon would possibly maybe be possessed by anybody 16 years or older.”


Pollak asked, “People are wondering why he would advance to a violent scene. Used to be he having a survey to be a hero? Used to be he buying for confrontation? What used to be his motivation?”

“Kyle used to be now not there buying for a fight,” Pierce remarked. “He’s a big kid who serves as a neighborhood lifeguard in Kenosha. He used to be there to provide protection to agencies that had been being destroyed and burned to the ground. He used to be additionally there to provide medical advantage to protesters and others who would possibly maybe be wounded. He surely took a first advantage equipment there to support wounded protesters, which he did frequently.”

Pierce endured, “Clearly, Kenosha used to be burning, and he took a rifle so as that he would possibly maybe offer protection to himself if he wished to — and to provide protection to property and to provide protection to others. Here is one hundred p.c self-protection. It’s now not even shut. Kyle used to be surely making an are trying to set out a dumpster fire that the rioters had location.”

Pierce went on, “The rioters got excited by that. Kyle surely attempted to retreat. He used to be chased down by attackers that had been frequently mentioning that he desires to be killed. They came at him lightning-lickety-split and attempted to launch up striking him and wrestling with this rifle with an intent to wreck. He had no replacement nonetheless to fireplace his weapon and offer protection to himself.”

Pollak asked, “Might maybe maybe he hold helped these other folks with the medical equipment with out bringing a gun, and is that something he thought about doing?”

Pierce said Rittenhouse would hold been killed had his consumer been unarmed. 

Pollak inquired, “If that used to be the distress despite the true fact that, why did he shuffle? If you’re going to be ready to’t expose up to a instruct with out a weapon, why shuffle?”

Pierce held, “If we snatch that line of thinking, then the anarchists hold obtained. He has each and each factual to be within the neighborhood that he works in. We can’t flip over our cities to other folks who simply have to burn them to the ground.”

Pollak remarked, “If all people showed up with weapons, if all people applied the same precept and decided they had been going to enforce law and expose. What would the outcomes of that be for our society?”

Pierce certain, “If each and each law-abiding American showed up within the city that they beloved with an AR-15, the chaos would quit with out extend.”

Pollak asked if Rittenhouse belonged to any militia.

Pierce responded, “I’m now not mindful about this form of facts. … Here is something that a form of alternative folks are now not mindful about, nonetheless here is on the total the law under Title 10 Share 246 of the USA Code, surely, each and each in a position-bodied male within the USA between ages 17 and 45 is on the total segment of the USA militia, and that’s supplied for under the Constitution and Congress has enacted that statute.”

Pierce addressed a that you are going to be ready to deem plea deal: “We’re going to trial. We’re going to clutch this case. If I’m the prosecutor, I tumble these charges with out extend. I comprise that here is a speed of judgment, and if I used to be the prosecutor, I would possibly maybe be terrified to comprehend this case to trial. I impact now not deem that there’s a jury on this country that’s going to glimpse at these facts and goes to web him liable for homicide.”

“It’s absolute 100 p.c self-protection, and we’re going to show it if we now must,” concluded Pierce. “It used to be factual for him to hold that weapon in Wisconsin.”

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