Historical CNN host Reza Aslan follows up on his threat to ‘burn your entire f**king ingredient down’ if ACB is confirmed

Historical CNN host Reza Aslan follows up on his threat to ‘burn your entire f**king ingredient down’ if ACB is confirmed

As Twitchy reported earlier, ahead of Justice Amy Coney Barrett became confirmed by the Senate Monday evening, we had a flashback to guarantees that “they” were going to discontinuance the nation down if Mitch McConnell tried to ram by way of one other Supreme Court docket justice ahead of the election. We’d appended dilapidated CNN host Reza Aslan’s tweet to that batch as wisely.

That by hook or by crook racked up 12,000 likes, but now that ACB’s been confirmed, a form of of us are soliciting for affirmation of what exactly goes to happen.


— Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock (@kimmie_c_) October 26, 2020

Are we within the streets but?

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) October 26, 2020


— Laura (@laurakbarr) October 26, 2020

must we now call the fire division?

how’s that ratio, incidentally? https://t.co/zhyIdocsSF

— Gildan of The Hill Individuals (@jetx86) October 26, 2020

Label your switch, asshole.

— Upset Over A Coyote (@corrcomm) October 26, 2020

So…right here we are… how u doing man? Gonna be okay? pic.twitter.com/MhuyET5P0h

— DevE (@EGdev34) October 26, 2020


— Eric Spencer (@JustEric) October 27, 2020

We’re entertaining right here in Tennessee. The effect ya at?

Dawdle up though, we gotta work within the morning.

— 100 Proof 🥃 (@ChampionCapua) October 27, 2020

Salvage on with it, hoss

— Klaus Flauten (@Klaus_Flauten) October 27, 2020

Point to time! Potentialities are you’ll presumably very wisely be up now. Ready….

— SC IslandTime (@OffshoreJoe) October 27, 2020

What time are you assembly corn pop tonight to delivery up all this “burning down” stuff? 🤪😂🤣

— SeldenGADawgs (@SeldenGADawgs) October 27, 2020

I’m right here to verify on the fires, too.

— Mature West (@OldWest1453) October 27, 2020


— citizen riot (@cit_uprising) October 26, 2020

Divulge it no longer easy man.

— You are going to be ready to’t manufacture this crap up. (@cantpretendtoo) October 26, 2020

the effect are we at on this, Reza

— i bless the rains down in castamere (@Chinchillazllla) October 26, 2020

Sorry I’m leisurely. What attain we want? I’ve bought indubitably one of those windless lighters and a bunch of junk mail within the recycle bin. Will that lend a hand, or

— Dr. Johnny Bananas (@neurodruid) October 27, 2020


— Kaiju (@kaijubushi) October 27, 2020


— HolyCow (@TonyBearden) October 27, 2020

I went to the native riot and no-one knew you 😂

— TOUR (@TTOURTV) October 27, 2020

OK, we’re no longer determined if Aslan goes to salvage again to every person with a imprecise threat, but he did notify Dinesh D’Souza to ship him his address:

Ship me your address https://t.co/6lGVgEDQ19

— Reza Aslan (@rezaaslan) October 27, 2020

Gorgeous. Went from “your entire ingredient” to @DineshDSouza‘s house. You hero.

— Pronouns are Bro/Bruh/Y’all (@GoDawgs_44) October 27, 2020

Uh oh, @SirajAHashmi somebody needs their phone taken

— Stephen Damnjanovic (@Bamnjamn) October 27, 2020

Set some testosterone for the rest of us no longer easy man

— Roman 🍥 (@NunuRomn) October 27, 2020

My money is on Dinesh.

— AlastorFromTheRock 🇺🇲🇮🇱 (@AlastorDamned) October 27, 2020

There’s the kind, tolerant, trained, fact basically based completely innovative I frequently hear about!

— Voluntaryist (@an_capitalist) October 27, 2020


— Downer (@TheDownerParty) October 27, 2020

it’ll be better for you to valid quit now champ

— 🎃timrivard (@TimRivard) October 27, 2020

He’s at your mom’s acceptable now.

— Mrs. Brassenstein (@MBrassenstein) October 27, 2020

Haha. Rough evening small fella?

— David Stilwell (@Stillsmack) October 27, 2020

Convey more

— Andrew Kelly Borel (@ndrewkellyborel) October 27, 2020

That a threat no longer easy man? Lmao! NO 👏🏽ONE 👏🏽CARES!

— Daddy 2.0 (@necktitties79) October 27, 2020

@TwitterSupport are you able to attain something with @rezaaslan I include threatened and triggered by his unfriendly words and actions

— Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) October 27, 2020

Dangle your ball and ride home, ma’am.

— Moderately 👻Spooky👻 Kirk (@jamusp) October 27, 2020

Don’t order him, bro.

— Justice Amy Cobra Barrett 15 (@cobracommandr15) October 27, 2020

What are you going to achieve, ship him a resume?

— Magnifico 👑 (@MagnificoIX) October 27, 2020


— Lolaknown (@lolaknown) October 27, 2020

Howdy guys advance witness, we bought a badass over right here on the computer.

— Tyler F. Thompson (@TylerFThompson) October 27, 2020

You misplaced. Circulate on.

— Jessica O’Donnell (@heckyessica) October 27, 2020

I will gladly ship you mine. I’m your Huckleberry! pic.twitter.com/g9SvpmXJO9

— James Haggard (@jameshaggard85) October 27, 2020


— Daniel Collins (@danielc4liberty) October 27, 2020


— geoff (@geoff5point0) October 27, 2020

Undergo in thoughts in case you weren’t a punchline.

— Molly Chaton (@ChatonMolly) October 27, 2020

Presumably subsequent week will ride better for Aslan and he can frigid down.


Reminder: Beau Willimon and chums are shutting this nation down if Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed https://t.co/si3VfNWFxr

— Twitchy Crew (@TwitchyTeam) October 26, 2020

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