Dwelling committee launches contempt court docket cases in opposition to Pompeo

Dwelling committee launches contempt court docket cases in opposition to Pompeo

The Dwelling Foreign places Affairs Committee presented Friday that this will launch contempt court docket cases in opposition to Secretary of Suppose Mike Pompeo over his refusal to conform with a subpoena for recordsdata related to the Suppose Division’s involvement in makes an try to hyperlink Joe Biden to corruption in Ukraine.

Why it issues: Democrats on the committee yell that Pompeo gave identical documents to Senate Republicans, alleging he has undertaken a “transparently political misuse of Division sources” and confirmed “an unparalleled story of obstruction and defiance of the Dwelling’s constitutional oversight authority.”

What they’re announcing: “Mr. Pompeo has demonstrated alarming brush aside for the rules and rules governing his possess conduct and for the tools the structure provides to forestall govt corruption,” Obtain. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), the committee’s chairman, said in a press liberate,

  • “Mr. Pompeo’s final response makes it mosey where he stands: the Division would turn over the documents if the Committee presented that we, too, were pursuing an investigation into the same conspiracy opinion that’s been debunked again and again.”
  • “Mr. Pompeo is tense that the Committee impress essentially the same thing Russia is doing, in accordance the Achieve of dwelling of work of the Director of National Intelligence: ‘spreading claims about corruption’ in assert to ‘interfere in the American presidential election.'”

Read Suppose’s response that triggered the contempt decision.

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