Chuck Schumer thinks it’s ‘crucial’ that the Senate open affirmation hearings for Biden’s cabinet forward of he’s inaugurated

Chuck Schumer thinks it’s ‘crucial’ that the Senate open affirmation hearings for Biden’s cabinet forward of he’s inaugurated

After seeing how snappily the mainstream media declared Joe Biden president-elect, it appears to be like treasure Sen. Chuck Schumer thinks he can press his success even further, and he’s utilizing the COVID-19 pandemic to recount that hearings on Biden’s cabinet picks open at as soon as after the Georgia runoffs, forward of Biden is inaugurated.

BREAKING: Sen. Schumer says Senate must aloof open affirmation hearings for Biden’s Cabinet BEFORE inauguration:

“In the heart of this as soon as-in-a-century disaster, it’s crucial the subsequent administration can count on the Senate to verify its cabinet straight away”

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) November 30, 2020

We utterly have 1 President at a time. President Trump is president till Jan 20. Pound sand @SenSchumer

— DSNicol 🇺🇸. #STOPTHESTEAL (@Dsnicol2) November 30, 2020

Yo… This man is wild. Confirmation utterly comes with ceremony of passage. The time for that ceremony indubitably hasn’t arrived and it unquestionably hasn’t passed yet. If , …

— Natural Popular Intelligence (it/that) (@wasp0r) November 30, 2020


— 𝖇 𝖊 𝖗 𝖙 (@bertsinatra) November 30, 2020

Narrator: no

— DC Corruption (@CorruptionDC) November 30, 2020

That would possibly well certainly be unconstitutional sir.

— Jack Meijer (@jack_meijer_) November 30, 2020

By no method let a mighty disaster inch to rupture

— Ample Ray🇺🇸🧘🏼‍♀️⛳️⚾️ (@valdostagirl13) November 30, 2020

Looooool, lets claim disaster and then see what we are in a position to find away with all over again.

— sure, THAT Darkcola (@darkcola2) November 30, 2020

They’re obviously apprehensive if they deem the Senate will agree to that forward of 1/20.

— Andrew Boyd (@3rdDukeofDank) November 30, 2020

Now not taking place, but a humorous suggestion

— AstrO (@Mi_Astronauta) November 30, 2020

But all americans needs Biden to be president at the contemporary time, so let’s wonderful dispute him in now.

Shadow executive in undeniable ogle

— New England Shit Poster 🇺🇸 (@BobQuarantine) November 30, 2020

Sen. Schumer must aloof scrutinize what he’s saying, trigger what he’s saying sounds treasure a attach a matter to for a coup.

— Sad And White Politics (@BnWpolitical) November 30, 2020


Chances are high you’ll well presumably no longer produce that.

And there isn’t very any true need.

— JayViper (@JayViperTV) November 30, 2020

“As soon as in a Century Disaster”….

Um…. I name bullshit

— B8N7ON (@B8N7ON) November 30, 2020


— maggie battles (@45ismyhomeboy) November 30, 2020

— Peekaboo Elect PawPaw (@ImJimR87) November 30, 2020

Because he modified into so rapid to rubber imprint the contemporary administration’s appointees

— JR (@jrhowads8) November 30, 2020


— christine (@Grimes_Gurl) November 30, 2020

— Reaganette (@Ezinger44) November 30, 2020

He’s in a trek. I surprise why…

— Kurt Steiner (@Kurt_Steiner) November 30, 2020

This feels treasure dismay

— Hal (@TheHiddenNomad) November 30, 2020

Thanks for the suggestion Chuck… Chances are high you’ll well presumably sit down now.

— Chris Hennessey 🇺🇸 (@irishsoxfan34) November 30, 2020

Bound speed forward of we find caught

— I’m your Huckelberry (@jaqweeta) November 30, 2020

Desperation play.

— Ned Billsen (@NedBillsen) November 30, 2020

Then why no longer give the @Browns the SUPERBOWL trophy NOW forward of they eradicate the SUPERBOWL this yr in this as soon as-in-a-century disaster and their 8-3 file!! 🏈 #GoBrowns

— Rhonda (@Frustr8ed) November 30, 2020

Why is it so crucial at hand the reins over to Biden, whose thought to address the COVID-19 pandemic is in level of truth President Trump’s thought?


‘Is Covid over?’ Chuck Schumer joins packed Brooklyn social gathering, media ‘astronomical-spreader’ scolds open vacation

— Twitchy Crew (@TwitchyTeam) November 7, 2020

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